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3 Tips for Finding the Right Senior Living CRM


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It’s almost 2023 and your leadership team is ending 2022 refreshed and ready to tackle your yearly goals – one of which includes software and strategies to keep occupancy high in 2023.

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It’s a crucial piece of senior living software for occupancy goals because it keeps your sales team organized in managing their most important relationships.

The right senior living CRM will also streamline your data, so as a leader, you know what sales and marketing strategies are providing your greatest ROI. It will help you with your lead management, streamline operations, and do relationships better. Armed with the right CRM software, you’ll also increase revenue.

Selecting the right senior living CRM is crucial to your sales team’s success, but with several options to choose from, how can you be sure you’re utilizing the right senior living CRM software? Keep reading for 3 tips for finding the right senior living CRM.


Your senior living CRM should save your sales team time

How much time does your sales team spend each day manually logging tasks, sending emails, typing notes, going through duplicate leads, etc.? The list of small tasks can add up quickly, eating precious time and keeping your sales team distracted from revenue-generating activities. A good CRM should be able to automate repetitive and time-consuming sales processes like lead management, referral management, and logging and tracking tasks.

When shopping for a CRM, make sure to ask what features will save your sales team time. Talk with your sales team before you do a demo and ask them about their biggest points of pain when it comes to their current workflow. Consider having your sales director show you their process for data entry, running reports, and standard day-to-day tasks. This exercise may give you ideas and opportunities to improve operational efficiencies.


Help your sales team stay focused on what they need to do to organize their day

Your sales team should be a well-oiled machine. It’s best practice to talk with your sales and marketing teams about your expectations and their needs with a new CRM in place.

How does the potential CRM prioritize your team’s sales day? Good senior living CRM software should streamline the sales process, help build clear and informative sales funnels, and guide you to follow up with leads in your system. These are key components that will drive more revenue to your community.

A high-functioning team will open their senior living CRM and know exactly what they need to prioritize for the day to manage their key relationships.


Determine that your CRM can grow with your business goals

Unfortunately, the senior living industry has been left behind. As our industry has changed, technology hasn’t meaningfully changed with it. Our industry works in silos, our systems are fragmented, and our people are overwhelmed.

Your senior living organization is going to grow and change, and your CRM should be able to adapt and change with your goals. Be sure to ask your CRM about how often they are releasing new features and how you will be able to give feedback once you’re onboard the new system. A good CRM will have a strong customer service team to support you and make sure the new software is working for your team.


Take your next step

Finding the right senior living CRM is crucial to better customer service, lead management, relationship building, referral management, and increasing occupancy at your senior living communities. Ultimately, the right CRM will be the one that fits your needs and can grow and change to help you increase revenue.

Once you know what you’re looking for in a CRM, take the next step of scheduling a demo. If you’re interested in a modern senior living CRM to help your sales team crush their goals, contact us to see Serviam’s CRM software, VIA Sales, in action.

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