A full-service laboratory on a mission to power the new era of senior living

The only lab helping you think bigger to keep seniors healthy

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Fast & Accurate Results

Advanced Science

Actionable Insights

UTIs lead to falls. Falls lead to hospitalizations.

(And those aren’t good for anybody.)

  • Most senior living communities work with labs that just process specimens.
  • Many senior living leaders may not even know who does their labs.
  • Odds are, you lack a trusted diagnostics partner that uses real-time diagnostic insights to improve outcomes for your residents.

Did you know

UTIs account for 1/3 of patients hospitalized from long-term care facilities.

You deserve a lab that helps keep your residents out of the hospital

Serviam Diagnostics is purpose-built for senior living providers who need fast, accurate laboratory services. But we don’t stop there. We’re the only lab thinking big enough to move upstream and help you unlock a new, more proactive form of healthcare. Ask us what that process looks like.

Advanced molecular technology

We have cutting-edge technology, from state-of-the-art machines to specialized plates and reagents. What does this mean for you? You get quick, accurate results that help you make smarter healthcare decisions.

Easy collection process

Collecting samples has never been smoother. With our user-friendly kits, you can effortlessly gather specimens. If you need an outside professional for a collection, we'll coordinate the details and send them your way. We handle the logistics, ensuring swift and seamless delivery to our lab.

Dependable, accurate results

Our expert team champions the industry’s gold-standard guidelines for everything from specimen handling to final analysis. Count on us for consistent, trustworthy results that let you focus on what matters most—caring for your residents.

Online results in 
24–48 hours

When it comes to senior care, every minute counts. That's why we promise to deliver your results in 24–48 hours from collection. Access them easily through our online portal, which gives you the ability to respond quickly and make the right calls for your residents.

Actionable insights

Through our online portal, physicians and nurses receive clear, semi-quantitative results — categorized as low, medium, or high. Beyond raw data, we provide treatment recommendations, to simplify and speed up the path of care.

Designed for value-based care

Data is the currency that drives healthcare transformation. We’ll help show what labs you're ordering, track those trends over time, and correlate them with resident outcomes. By making lab data a strategic asset, we help you elevate resident care and join a new era of healthcare.

Whatever test you need, we have you covered

Our full-service lab can perform any form of specimen testing your residents need.

Built by Industry Veterans

The future of diagnostics has arrived in senior living. Built by industry veterans who pioneered one of the country’s largest clinical diagnostic laboratories, our team is now channeling decades of expertise into revolutionizing senior living diagnostics. We get the challenges you face, and we’re here to help you keep your residents happier, healthier — longer.

Brian Sears

VP of Sales

Joey Grant


Omar Affaneh

Clinical Laboratory Supervisor

Bobbie Veil

Director of Customer Experience and Operations

A full-service laboratory on a mission
to power the new era of senior living

The only lab helping you think bigger to keep seniors healthy

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