How well is America caring for seniors?

We often ask ourselves and others in the senior care industry this question. We hear the same answer again and again, "Not well enough."

If you've ever experienced your own loved one's senior journey, you know this.

at Serviam, we believe

Our seniors deserve better

Serviam Care Network Seniors

We're here to transform how America cares for seniors

Serviam Care Network VIA

Better technology creates a better journey

We believe the path to transformation begins with creating better journeys for all stakeholders.

We’ve been managing one stakeholder at a time in fragmented systems.

That needs to change.

VIA Journey
It's why we built

Serviam is Operationalizing Value-Added Services that Impact Senior Living Communities

VIA was created by a coalition of senior living providers who wanted to do things differently.

We realized we couldn’t change the industry by ourselves. We had to come together.

We’re now inviting others to join us.

When we work together to see the bigger picture, we can solve the bigger problem.

  • 15

    Founding members 
(senior care organizations)

  • 40

    Running 40,000+ senior living units

  • 45

    In 45 states

Serviam is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). That means our purpose is built into our legal structure.

Why did we incorporate as a PBC?

Seniors are one of the world’s most vulnerable populations. We want to be explicitly clear that our purpose is real. PBC status encodes into our legal structure our promise to take the higher ground and serve the greater good.

We have a large vision that we plan to pursue aggressively. As the organization grows, PBC structure provides safety checks to make sure that we never stray too far from our purpose. It helps protect the company from the toxic short-term thinking that's so common in the marketplace today.