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The way we recruit and sell has changed for good


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Steve Jobs famously said, “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” 

In his 56 years of life, Steve Jobs certainly made a dent in the universe. He wasn’t focused on point solutions, but instead he read between the lines, connected dots, and solved problems we didn’t even know we had.  

We can all agree Jobs helped us go from 80 separate tech devices to one smart solution, but are we emulating his forward-thinking example in the senior living industry today?  

There are amazing technology providers in our industry, but their solutions can’t keep up with the modern world’s needs.  

VIA is different. Serviam Care Network is building solutions for the future of senior living.  

Things are changing. Our industry is entering a post-covid world. At Serviam, we’re leveraging our network members to understand their needs, and where they see the future of senior living going forward.  

For example, something we are seeing in the market is that staffing has outpaced occupancy as the biggest challenge in the senior living industry.  

Our network members came together and realized the lead and applicant journey take an extremely similar path, but no other CRM is addressing it in the same way, even though they are using the same staffing resources to manage both journeys.  

Consider this… your sales leaders are also probably your best recruiters, but they can’t reach their goals because they are bouncing from system to system and wasting time.  

System limitations shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goals.

And we believe your technology should be able to keep up with the market. 

At Serviam, we can solve this two-sided problem in a single platform. VIA is one unified platform to manage the lead and applicant journey. One platform means better communications, insights, guidance, and incentives for your team.  

VIA is engineered to help you do relationships better – and we’re just scratching the surface of what we are doing moving forward with our technology.  

Everything we do is informed by our development partner members, understanding their problems at a deeper level, and leveraging their thought leadership that exists within our network.  

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