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Most pharmacies aren’t set up to help you unlock the benefits of value-based care

Medications are the single greatest risk factor driving adverse health events for seniors. That means the wrong pharmacy partner can undermine your ability to drive medication adherence, improve health outcomes, and share in the financial rewards of value-based care.
With the wrong pharmacy partner, you risk:

  • Delayed or missed delivery of essential prescriptions
  • Medication errors
  • Not detecting dangerous drug interactions
  • Increased rehospitalizations and adverse health events
  • Lost data and fragmented technology
  • Extra administrative burdens for your caregivers and nurses
  • Difficulty demonstrating results to payors
  • Missing your chance to participate in value-based care
  • 72

    Risk of adverse health events are medication-related

  • 58

    Risk of an adverse drug event when taking 5 medications

  • 82

    Risk of an adverse drug event when taking 7 medications

  • 11

    Average number of medications per senior in senior living

You need an experienced long-term care pharmacy that can pave the way to value-based care

At Serviam Pharmacy, we’re purpose-built for senior living providers who need reliable pharmacy services. But we don’t stop there. We’re here to help you reach the next level.

Our senior-specialty pharmacists keep an eye out for red flags and dangerous drug interactions.

Relax knowing all regular monthly prescriptions will arrive like clockwork. And we’ll have urgent meds to your residents in just a few hours.

Full enterprise visibility and control is a game changer. Rest easy knowing your data is accurate and up-to-date, with no manual entry.

Our senior-specialty pharmacists keep an eye out for red flags and dangerous drug interactions.

You’ve got heaps of data, but is it useful? We give you easy-access dashboards and quarterly business reviews so you can make better care decisions and unlock rewards from payors.

We’ll help you deliver and demonstrate better outcomes for your residents. Driving adherence and compliance will help prevent adverse health events and rehospitalizations.

Meet the Serviam Pharmacy Team

We’re built different than other pharmacies — with senior living and value-based care in mind from start to finish.

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Managing Director

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Managing Director


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The era of Value-Based Care has arrived
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