Lead management is now a team sport

The VIA Contact Center helps you win in occupancy

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What do you get when you go at it alone?

Missed calls

35% of resident inquiries are made after hours/weekends

60% of phone inquiries go to voicemail and 80% don’t leave a message

Slow response times

75% of families go with the first community they talk to

Most communities take 24-48 hours to respond to an initial inquiry

Insufficient follow up

It takes an average of 12 contact points to schedule a tour

The majority of salespeople give up after 3 attempts

Lower productivity

15+ hours per week wasted chasing unqualified leads and applicants

Takes time away from what you do best —tours and interviews with qualified prospects

Which adds up to:

  • Fewer move‑ins
  • Fewer hires

You deserve help with the legwork

Get top speed-to-lead for 100% of inquiries. We get back to all incoming prospects faster than you can get through a Chick-fil-A drive thru

We work a disciplined and proven contact plan. We’ll call, email, and text your prospects up to 20 times in a 90-day period

You’re covered 12+ hours a day, 7 days a week — even on holidays. Never worry about missing a prospect due to vacations, staffing gaps, or… life

We know the details matter. When we pass on a tour, you’ll have everything you need in front of you — like you had the conversation yourself

Listen to our Advocates go! We’re so confident, we give you full, instant access to every conversation they have

We sound like you, not like us. That’s because we represent your brand, not ours. We know how big the rooms are, whether pets are allowed, and how to get there from here

We nurture each lead to the point of a scheduled tour. You wake up to only the best, pre-qualified prospects already on your calendar

We integrate with your CRM for
a seamless lead management experience for you and your team.

  • 0

    Missed Leads

  • 25

    Tours & Move-ins


  • 95

    Contact Rate

  • 30

    Interviews & Hires


With Advocates on your team, you get more move-ins and hires

A contact center you can trust

We get it: No one can do a better job than you of managing your important relationships. That’s why our trusted Advocates focus on nurturing and qualifying the top of your funnel.

Instead of you trying to do it all, we free up your time so you can focus on what matters most.

  • 100% US-based
  • College-educated
  • Extension of your team
  • Highly trained
  • Industry experienced
  • We represent your brand
VIA Contact Center

Meet Your Advocates


Lisa Holbrook

Experienced in health care and interviewing


Julie Childers

Experienced in early education


Davina Lege

Experienced in social work


DaMarra Smith

Experienced in recruiting and military


Summer Wilson

Experienced in health care and psychology

Senior living leaders are winning with VIA Contact Center

Comprehensive Data Helps Me See How to Get the Best ROI

The VIA Contact Center knows how to make a great first impression! The lead management services have already proven to be valuable. It’s comprehensive and the data provided helps me easily see where our leads are coming from and how to get the best ROI.

Hollie Walker

Vice President of Marketing, Arrow Senior Living

Serviam Care Network review

The VIA Contact Center Always Delivers What They Promise

I am grateful to VIA Contact Center and the work they do for Brightview Senior Living. The Client Success Manager always keeps us in the know and updates us weekly on our lead management and important KPIs. I can rest assured knowing that Serviam always delivers what they promise.

Denise Manifold

VP of Sales, Brightview Senior Living

Serviam Care Network review

The VIA Contact Center Always Goes the Extra Mile

I want to express my gratitude for Serviam. The Client Success Managers rise to any challenge we face and are always flexible when working with us. Their willingness to go the extra mile to provide a standard of excellence does not go unnoticed. VIA’s lead management services keep our team organized and focused on tours instead of chasing leads.  

Tim Dunne

President & Chief Operating Officer, Claiborne Senior Living

Serviam Care Network review

VIA is An Extension of Our Sales Team

I am thankful for the VIA Contact Center and everything they have done for The Spires at Berry College. Their responsiveness to our needs makes a big difference and makes us feel confident in our decision to work with VIA every day. They are truly a great extension to our sales team.

Logan Yerby

Marketing and Move-in Coordinator, Spires at Berry College

VIA is an extension of sales teams

Brightview Senior Living Trusts the VIA Contact Center to Deliver Results Each Week

Using VIA Contact Center for our lead management services was an easy “yes.” Brightview can trust the Advocate team with our leads, and that they will deliver proven results every week. The Client Success Managers always keep us in the know and the platform itself provides easy visibility with our numbers.

Mike Thompson

Director of Digital Marketing, Brightview Senior Living

Serviam Care Network review

Avalon Memory Care increased their monthly tours by 180%

The best part of utilizing VIA’s Contact Center is the Advocates. They really listen to our needs and are always responsive to change. I can tell they strive to know our community, brand, and have excellent customer service.”

Sarah Schoonover

Marketing Director at Avalon Memory Care

Serviam Care Network review

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