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3 Ideas to create healthy competition and drive more move-ins


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Teamwork doesn’t just happen in a stadium or on the field. Strong teams are fostered anywhere people believe in working together to build upon a shared goal. Does your team need a little inspiration to keep their momentum going? Here are three ways to cheer them on:

 1. Create a “game plan” in your daily operations.

Salespeople are competitive by nature—and friendly competition is one way to motivate your team members to drive more move-ins. Businesses are utilizing gamification strategies in various ways to pump up their sales teams and give them incentive to perform at their highest level.

A study titled Effects of Trait Competitiveness and Perceived Intraorganizational Competition on Salesperson Goal Setting and Performance revealed that a mix of factors like ambitious, driven personalities and organization-led activities increase sales: “The combination of recruiting competitive salespeople and fostering intraorganizational competition enhances motivation and performance, whereas neither alone is sufficient to influence goal setting and performance.”

How do your employees play during their time outside of work? Video gamers, trivia masters, and athletic rivals all love the thrill of the competition. Find out what appeals to your group and treat your team’s sales goals like a game they know how to win.

To best tap into your team’s motivation, give them the technology that works for them. Our platform, VIA, has the features to create healthy competition:

Configurable Scoreboards: Teams play differently when they’re keeping score. They play to win! Customized scoreboards give clear insight on who’s in the lead.

Gamification Features: It’s fun to one-up your colleagues—as long as it’s completely congenial! VIA builds good sales habits the fun way with streaks, leaderboards, and badges. Inspire and recognize your employees with these tools to keep the competition going.

Goal-Getter Software: Not all goals are created equal. Our comprehensive goal-setting framework helps you identify and track the right targets so you’re on the right track.

2. Build the best relationships…and you reign.

“Empathy is the greatest marketing skill in the world,” says Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media.

Why? Because people aren’t numbers. People are emotions, memories, talents, friends and family. In any business—but especially senior living—we must see people first.

And according to Forbes, a study by Dr. Valerie Good titled Motivating Salespeople Toward Greater Productivity found that making a difference in the lives of the people that your work is supporting boosts productivity. “In a first-of-its-kind study, her research reveals that a sense of purpose – a belief that one is contributing to a cause great and more enduring than oneself – is more positively related to salesperson effort and performance over time than a desire for financial rewards.”

Having an impact on the greater good is a huge motivator for employees. This study by Adam M. Grant at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill asked one group of lifeguards to read rescue stories that other lifeguards had performed. Another group read stories related to lifeguard skills individuals can use in life. Findings revealed that the first group of “lifeguards in the task significance condition increased in helping behavior.” The second group showed that “lifeguards in the personal benefit condition decreased in helping behavior.”

How much time does your team have in their day to nurture relationships in a meaningful way? Your technology should make your team’s lives easier, not harder.

Senior Housing News states, “Salespeople should focus on delivering individualized experiences, which create more value for the potential resident.”

This includes home visits, which give your team the opportunity to get to know the people considering your community. When you sit down, take your time, and really listen to what each individual is expressing, it makes for a richer conversation. And when your reps show genuine caring, seniors will see that. And trust it. This senior living clip tells a story of what some elders value in independent living.

Take a look at our VIA Sales page to see how features like our Communication Hub help leaders at senior living communities do relationships better. In one place you can converse through:

  • Calls
  • Emails
  • Texts
  • Video chats
  • Secure messaging

3. Outsource your lead management to the VIA Contact Center.

Because your team is mostly stuck doing all the grunt work, it’s holding them back from concentrating on the tasks that will drive more move-ins. Leave the legwork to us so you can focus on tours…so you can focus on people.

By working together toward a common goal—giving our elders the personal attention and respect they’re worthy of—we’re building something special. We’re building a movement; one that that’s centered around the seniors we serve. If you’re inspired by where we’re heading, we invite you to join us.

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