The era of Value-Based Care has arrived

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What is Value-based Care?

Everyone talks about value-based care.
No one’s really doing it.

Educational Gaps

It’s a new concept for our industry. Most of us are a long way from deeply understanding it.

Technology Gaps

A different health model requires different technology. Operators have to be able to afford it and deploy it.

Operational Gaps

Moving from a reactive to a proactive health model requires a different way of operating.

Relationship Gaps

VBC requires value-based relationships (and contracts) with 
key stakeholders 
— especially health plans.

Density Gaps

Getting the attention of payors requires density of lives in a local area. Individual communities can’t go at it alone.

Incentive Gaps

Right now, senior living operators lack the financial incentive to operate VBC.

Scale Gaps

VBC is complex and nuanced — and every market operates differently. That makes it difficult to manage across your organization.

Data Gaps

The currency of VBC is data. And most of us don’t have access to the right kind.

Meet your on-ramp to value-based care

We’re building an ecosystem of technology and services that allows senior living communities to thrive within a value-based care system.
(and no, you don’t have to use all of them)

Our Offerings

Transformation won’t come from one of us,
it comes from all of us







Serviam was created by a coalition of senior living providers who wanted to do things differently. We were tired of complaining about not having the value-based care solutions we wanted.

We realized we couldn’t fix a broken system by ourselves; we had to come together. If you’re ready for something better, come join us.

The era of Value-Based Care has arrived

Are you ready to lead the way?

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