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Baby Boomer Myths Marketers Get Wrong, according to our Contact Center Data


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Statista reports that the Baby Boomer generation makes up 21.16 percent of the population today. This generation holds power when it comes to deciding what senior living community is best for their parents.

Our contact center hears from these Baby Boomers daily, in fact, they make up 2/3 of total inquiries we get at the VIA Contact Center.

For marketers, communicating effectively with the Baby Boomer generation is more important than ever to drive occupancy. That’s why we put together statistics from our VIA Contact Center to help you do relationships better with the Baby Boomer generation.

Myth #1 Baby Boomers aren’t tech savvy

A common misconception about Baby Boomers is that they aren’t good at technology, and therefore don’t like to use it to inquire about your community.

Our contact center data shows that the opposite is true – 67% of total forms fills in May, June and July came from Baby Boomers requesting information.

Paid advertising is worth the marketing spend for more lead gen. The Baby Boomer generation sees technology as a tool to empower their buying decisions, and paid ads can help you get their attention quickly. Pew Research found that most baby boomers believe their phones represent “freedom” instead of “a leash” whereas younger generations view phones as “a leash.”

Don’t miss out on the power of a form fill for gathering new leads.

Myth #2 Sales lines don’t work with Baby Boomers

Many senior living marketers don’t prioritize a phone number in their marketing pieces because they think it won’t drive results. They will often leave it out of marketing pieces altogether or not make the sales number the primary call to action in their ads or on their website.

Because of this, they don’t get many calls and the marketer’s myth is reinforced that sales lines aren’t good for converting Baby Boomers leads. It’s not true!

The VIA Contact Center data shows inbound phone calls are 5x more likely to generate tours than outbound phone calls from form fills.

Our clients get more tours on average from phone calls than they do from form fills. When a Baby Boomer calls in, they are more committed to finding a community and are ready to decide on touring. Although form fills are great for lead gen, they don’t always equate to more tours.

Here’s the bottom line: if you add a sales number to your marketing efforts you must be able to answer the phone, give detailed information on your community, write notes for your sales director, and schedule a tour. On average, it takes communities 24-48 hours to respond to an inbound inquiry. As a result, calls are missed, which means tours are lost.

To drive more 5x more tours through a sales line, extend your sales team with the VIA Contact Center.

Here’s how it works: our advocates do all the grunt work from first contact to scheduling a tour. The lead we talk with will feel valued by the prompt, personal attention they receive, and you provide a great tour experience and seal the deal on your community. Schedule a demo with us to learn how we would partner with you.

Next time you’re planning your marketing campaign, prioritize your sales line and imagine how your tours scheduled rate soars!

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