A modern CRM for the new world of senior living sales

Track Progress

Occupancy drives everything

Senior being helped by caregiver

VIA is engineered to help you do relationships Better

Better Communications

Connect with leads as fast and intuitively as possible, without extra clicks or screens to wade through

Better Guidance

Get the guidance you need to take the right action at the right time, from first contact to move-in.

Better Insights

Whether you’re managing an individual lead or your entire database, you need to act on the information that matters most

Better Incentives

Gamification in a CRM? Heck yeah. It’s fun to win

Everything you need.
Nothing you don't.

Sales Pipeline Accelerator

Everything you need to accelerate your pipeline — all in one place. See the big picture; take individual and bulk actions; strategically advance your relationships

Occupancy Board

Track your apartment inventory in real time. Keep your team in sync about what you can sell, who's at risk, and upcoming ins and outs


Make every sales day count with a clear daily action list for you and your team


Teams play differently when they are keeping score. Build scoreboards that motivate your team to win.

Senior Living CRM scoreboard

Automatic Activity Logging

Automatic bi-directional logging of every electronic and voice communication

VIA Sales Activity Log

Smart Notifications

Optimize response times and ditch unnecessary alerts. Our intelligent notification system knows how to prioritize. Right person, right message, right time

Senior Living CRM new lead notifications


Not all goals are created equal. Our comprehensive goal-setting framework helps you identify and track the right targets

VIA Goal Chart

Integrated Contact Center

When your contact center uses the same platform you do, you get complete transparency and visibility into all their efforts

VIA Contact Center

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Your new modern CRM pushes you to excel, keeps you in sync and gives you time back

The work of caregiving is hard enough. It's a lot more fun when your buildings are full

Senior living leaders are winning with VIA

Having everything in one place gives us the time back to excel at our jobs

VIA keeps Bickford’s sales team in sync from day-to-day operations to seeing the big picture in our communities. Having everything in one place gives us the time back to excel at our jobs, have better relationships with our leads, and meet our sales goals.

Shannon Riberdy

SVP of Operations at Bickford Senior Living

Occupancy drives everything

and relationships drive occupancy

VIA is engineered to help you
do relationships better

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